Dr. Liland - With Appreciation

“Honestly, I couldn’t be happier with the outcome of my breast implants. They turned out FAR better than expected. I couldn’t be more proud. Just as importantly, I’m thankful for the staff, treatment and care genuinely given to me the entire time. Dr. Liland, you couldn’t have done a better job. Staff, you are all most excellent. I had the best experience! Thanks for exceeding my expectations and making me a whole new person!”

- P.
Park Cities Plastic Surgery
Breast Augmentation, K.L.

Thank you for being so kind and helpful during my surgery. Everyone made me feel like my surgery was the most important thing at that time. All my concerns were addressed as if they were your own. Everyone went above and beyond for me. Thank you! You guys ROCK!!

- K.L.
Dr. Liland Breast Enhancement
Breast Enhancement, S.C.

“When I woke up from surgery I was amazed at how good I felt – no pain. I was able to carry on a conversation, eat, etc. The day after surgery – still no pain, my chest feels heavy and a little sore – like I’ve been lifting weights but I feel great! I would highly recommend this surgery and I would highly recommed Dr. Liland. He and his staff are the nicest team I have ever met. They seem more like old friends than a business.”

- S.C.
Team Liland

“Team Liland – I just wanted to thank everybody for such a great experience with my surgery! Everyone was so kind and fun to be around! I absolutely love my results and couldn’t be happier. See y’all in a couple of weeks.”

- K.O.
Dr. Liland, my friend.

“Where do I begin with my gratitude?! Thank you so very much for the procedure you performed on my face and neck. As I’ve told you before…I believe in you with all my heart — my greatest confidence and admiration. You have, over the years, attributed to my self-esteem and self-love — literally from my ankles to my breasts, to my forehead lift, and now this. Again, you truly are an artist and must be very proud of the special talent you were blessed with.

I simply cannot handle my age with grace and you have helped me turn back the hands of time. What would I do without you and your understanding? I’m proud to say you are my doctor.

And you were the first person I trusted to go to regarding my nose, or rather collapsed nose. I didn’t know how you would react. I was scared and ashamed. But, as always, you were so kind, non-judgmental, and encouraging.

Again, thank you for your generosity and understanding — and outstanding work” 

- L.
Thank you Dr. Liland.

“I want to give my thanks to you because I feel like a new person. You changed my life around forever. I really appreciate all that you did for me. Great job! Thank you!”

- M.
Thank you so much!

“Thank you all for your kindness, patience and mot of all, your understanding. You are all the best!” 

- D.C.
With All My Heart

“Thank you so very much for all that you have done for me. I appreciate your time, your kindness, listening, patience and understanding of my concerns and needs. I am feeling better each and everyday and I am pleased with the outcome. Thanks again for everything! God bless you.”

- G.
So Greatful

“Thank you to Dr. Liland and all his staff for making this as stress free as possible. You all have been so nice and made me very comfortable. Thanks for getting me in as quick as you did!” 

- B.H.

“I could never thank you enough for taking such good care of me with all my medical crises. You went above and beyond, and I am so appreciative for all you did. My husband sends his sincere thanks and appreciation as well from oversees. I am so humbled and honored to be considered a part of your wonderful family. Thank you so much again. I will, as always, sing your praises far and wide. You are a true artist, but most important, a wonderful man!”

- G.S.

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